A product suite to  design, monitor and optimizegame economies

Design your game tokenomics, manage, monitor and optimize in-game economy with data-backed data analytics and machine-learning powered econometric models.

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Product Feature GRID

Make more out of your game economy

Real-time Data Analytics
Monitor user acquisition, retention, NFT Assets, Wallet interactions, and all the rest.
On-chain and Off-Chain Data
In-Game, NFT, wallet on and off chain analytics combined in one platform.
Smart Insight Generation
Let our tool suggest fixes, improvements and remedies on in-game economy.
Drag & Drop Visual Reporting
View different timeframes, user types etc. via graphs, charts and many multiple views.
AI-led Econometric Models
AI-led turbo-charged econometric models built by a team of professional economists and game designers
Continous Support
Get experts on call anywhere, anytime with our 24/7 support.
How it works

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...

1. Integrate with your game data
API for in-app analytics and Self-service integration to connect on-chain wallet and smart contract interactions
2. Design, Monitor and Report
Data Analytics, Visual Dashboards and Reporting Features to for game economy and tokenomics
3. Optimize and Manage
Optimize and manage to overcome inflationary mechanics and liquidity concerns

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